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The common problems of Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine optimisation is the process of optimizing the search engine rankings of a website. Search Engine Optimisation techniques will greatly improve the position of websites on the search result pages of search engines.

The Search Engine ranking is determined by a host of factors like content of the site, its coding, link popularity and other factors. There are some common problems in the process of Toronto SEO specialist that results in fall in search engine rankings.

Some of these problems are as follows-

Poorly designed website- If websites suffer from design problems like navigation difficulty, uploading delay due to large graphics etc. it will affect their search engine rankings. Use of high resolution graphics is especially problematic. Though aesthetically desirable they are functionally undesirable.

You can use low resolution images when high resolution graphics are not necessary.

Poor content: Content is the single most important factor that determines search engine rankings. Clear and lucid writing is desirable for Search engine spiders and directories. Content need to be well written, updated and relevant to be search engine friendly.

You can use targeted keywords and phrases to gain in rankings. The choice of keyword placed in the Meta Tag must be logically related to your content. Instead of generic keywords they must be highly targeted for Search Engine Optimization.

Copying Content: It is best not to plagiarize or copy content from another site. It will result in penalty or low ranking of your site. Search Engine Algorithms have become smarter at identifying content misuse.

Misusing Meta tags: Absence of Meta tags or wrong Meta tags may harm your search engine rankings. Meta Tags enable search engines to do their job quickly. Remember to place Meta tags on all pages of your website.

Lack of Site map: If your website consisting of several pages does not have a sitemap, netizens may find it difficult using your site. Site maps also help web crawlers in indexing websites. The entire information about the website must be indicated in a single page, in a proper summary that makes its use easy. This enables you to go to a particular page directly instead of searching for links and helps in Search Engine Optimisation. Visit: https://droidowl.com/toronto-seo-specialist/

Page cloaking: Websites that contain information only for search engines are called as cloaking sites. Cloaking is done to mislead search engines to give it a higher ranking. Cloaking invites penalty and damages your business.

Over optimization- When marketing team puts too much emphasis on search engine rankings, it is called as over optimization. When you stuff your page with keywords, you invite over optimization penalty. Aim at making your site user friendly rather than search engine friendly.

Absence of links- You must indicate clearly links form one page to another of your website. Other wise the user finds it difficult to search for information. Links also must be placed from banner advertisements and your website for proper Search engine Optimisation.

In all, there are many mistakes in the process of Search Engine Optimisation. Be wary of these mishaps and design a proper Search Engine Optimisation Strategy.  A higher ranking on Search engine results page is the result of proper search engine Optimization techniques as a well designed marketing plan.

Check: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/seo-101/why-keywords-important-seo/